Who We Are

Emily Gallagher

Emily has 20 years of experience in the non-profit sector and brings laughter, creativity, and ingenuity to every project. She is a writer, teacher, and artist, with a BA in theatre and an MPP in public policy.

Robert Pollock

Robert has worked in the justice system and its intersection with the arts for the past 10 years. He is an experienced facilitator with visual art, songwriting, and drama skills.

Our Philosophy


We see wholeness as the state of complete balance and coordination in a system with all the parts working together as they are designed for the good of the whole. On a wheel, the spokes are each focused on the hub and together they allow the wheel to move forward. On a bird, feathers are essential to the bird’s survival. Some are designed for flight, others for warmth, some provide camouflage or can attract a mate. Alone a feather is complete, but in coordination, they are part of a whole system designed to enable to the bird to survive.


We live in a world that's totally connected and yet people feel more alone than ever. Our phones and tablets and smart watches allow us to communicate constantly, yet we find it difficult to find community. Our resources are scarce yet we rarely share.

Our idea of wholeness is not about self-help or wellness for the individual alone. It is about seeing yourself as a part of something big, messy, and complicated, appreciating all the other parts of the big thing, and opening up to the possibility of that thing being better than you thought it could be.